writing projects and seminars!

On October 8 & 9, we had our first seminar in the Writing Beyond Reality Program. (Upcoming dates to the program: 4 & 5 November, 9-11 December.)

If you missed that seminar and would like to join, email iea at iea.yessam@gmail.com

For the November 4th and 5th Seminar, all participants are expected to bring 2 pieces of writing ready to be presented and to complete at least 1 writing exercise found here.

A short description of the program: Writing Beyond Reality is a creative writing program  available for students from the 8th  – 11th form, university students and English Language Teachers. Through the three seminars, the program will equip students with all skills related to creative writing, including publishing. Participants will write to be published in the program’s book anthology and will work on their own writing project, which will be finished by the end of the December seminar. Participants are expected to attend all three seminars. The cost of the program is 20 UAH per seminar, a total of 60 Griven. Each seminar is designed with a different theme related to creative writing. In between seminars, participants will have small writing projects. Participants must pay for their own food and housing. Housing at a hostel is available upon request. The estimated cost for the hostel is 90 UAH


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