Updating Reality!

Writing Beyond Reality has moved upward and westward!!!!

With the close of the first place to WBR in Mykolaiv, the program has expanded and moved to different areas in Ukraine.

If you live near Rivne or Lutsk, you’re more than invited to participate!

Lutsk: The program is held at Lesya Ukrainka University….check back for more details and times!…or email Melissa: yippietang@gmail.com

3 march 2012
24 march 2012
28 april 2012

Rivne: This program is only available to teachers and focuses on developing creative writing in the classroom. …check back for more details and times… or email Andrew: acartwright77@hotmail.com

Mykolaiv:Still living in Mykolaiv??? Currently, Wednesdays offer a Creative Club near Room 11-212 at Petro Mohyla Black Sea University. Also stay tuned for a new event called Weekend Coffee Writing. you can check out updates here , or email iea: iea.yessam@gmail.com

What you’ll find on this blog:

Each week under the tab, Weekly Writing, you’ll find a new writing exercise. Post your exercise in the comments below, and you might just see your writing on the home page! At the end of the week, we will move the examples and exercises to another page, and you’ll find a new exercise!

Want more than just one exercise a week??? We have a plethora of exercises inside the tab, Writing Exercises! to inspire writing in you

If you’re just tuning into this program, here’s the story:

Writing Beyond Reality began as a collaborative movement within Ukraine to build outlets for creative thinking. The inventors extraordinaire wanted to introduce a new perspective to (the controversial and occasionally viewed as arbitrary) creative writing skills. The result of desire became Writing Beyond Reality, which is a 4-part workshop series for teachers and students. Through the program, participants and facilitators build their own writing-esteem, while simultaneously establishing a community of writers with intent. Succinctly, Writing Beyond Reality is about writing to publish to make reality out of words.


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