A Day in the Life of Ukraine:

On December 13, an average, ordinary day, average, ordinary people living in Ukraine will sit down and share their experiences in writing. This project is a chance for people within Ukraine to see what their neighbors– both near and far– are doing, as well as for those abroad to open a window into Ukrainian life. Children, adults, Peace Corps Volunteers, teachers, students, parents, doctors, farmers, bankers, pensioners– all are welcome to take part! Read more online, then join in on 13/12/11!

Nanowrimo– National Novel Writing Month:

November, to me, means two things: 1, Thanksgiving, and 2, NANOWRIMO!! Ready to write a 50,000 word novel in one month? You can do it! That’s only 1,667 words per day!

The Writer’s Almanac:

For each day, a new poem and a new collection of fascinating and inspiring pieces of information. Learn about the lives and experiences of authors born on that day, famous publications on that date, and other items from the history of global arts. You can even subscribe to this site and receive an daily email dose of literary liveliness!


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