Athletes compete. Dancers Perform. Chefs make food. Writers publish.

The medium a writer chooses to publish in, alters the way a writer writes. Therefore, you, as the writer get to determine which publishing medium best supports the ideas and/or stories you express in your writing. So, it’s not just about genre, but how that genre fits into how you publish. Remember, writing is all about play, experimentation and collaboration. Publishing Mediums to explore:

Book Arts: ie. making your own book!

Choosing how you open the book, the size of the book, the stitching, the font, the touch and feel of paper, whether your words have images. There are endless opportunities to use within this medium.

Interested in exploring this medium? Write, and bring your writing to the seminar in December. Remember, you should have enough pages to make at least a small book – size of the book itself varies based upon you.

Zines: ie. making your own magazine!

Write to publish very inexpensively! Combine words with images, with many objects! Tape, make copies and print in color, black or white, and much more! Pass them out for free! Make Gifts! Sell them!

Interested in exploring this medium? For the December Seminar, write, and then bring flat objects, writing, and different concepts and we’ll work with you to create your zine!

Performance: ie Your words need more than the screen or paper.

Use poetry, songs, slams. Create events formally or informally! Stand on a corner and read your work. Make events for sharing your writing. Some interesting ideas include Poetry Slams, Spoken Word Events, etc. Check out the Spoken Word Poet, Sarah Kay for inspiration. Try out mixed mediums. Use images and words. Use space and reverb. Anything!

Interested in exploring this medium? For the December Seminar, bring writing, and plans for your performance. We’ll work with you to create this as a reality.

Sound Art: ie. Circularly Writing.

Sound Art can be used in many different artforms, but particularly within writing, what you can do is create an oral space for words, map your writing on top of each other, and stylistically repeat the same ideas using the same words. A free tool to use for editing is audacity.

Interested? For the December Seminar, write. If you have a computer, download audacity, record sounds you may want to use, and record your writing. Then we’ll work with you to edit this into a polished art.

Online Publishing: ie. going viral

Usually within online publishing, you’ll combine a few different mediums. Perhaps with performance or sound design? Here are a few examples of online publishing: blogs (wordpress, blogspot, etc), youtube, podcasts, etc.

Interested? For the December Seminar: write. Bring your ideas and we’ll work with you to create this as a reality.




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