Weekly Writing

Here’s your chance to sit down and write a ‘just write’ on the topic of…..



Know that old adage, “A picture is worth a 1000 words?” Well, here’s your chance to prove them wrong. The new idiom will be “A picture is worth 10 sentences.”

Here’s your chance and go! Make a 10-sentence story out of the picture below!*

*Need more than 10 sentences? Take them!…Also, if you have a picture or idea that would make a fantastic weekly writing exercise, email it to iea: iea.yessam@gmail.com


1 thought on “Weekly Writing

  1. “Ok, ok, I know you said it’s not moving, but I swear it’s alive”.
    “Look closer, it’s just the waves from the boats”.
    “Hmmmm….I don’t know….Wait, look, that has to be some sort of sea monster!”
    “No, way, you’re just trying to distract me so I don’t see who wins”.
    “No, no, I swear! Look it’s Champ, or maybe Pamp!”
    “Who the hell is Champ?”
    “He’s just like Pamp, but he lives in the Puget Sound. Hey, stop looking at me like that”.
    “Where do you come up with this stuff? Great, now I didn’t see who won the race!”

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