Writing Exercises!

The New Year is almost here! Below, please find some ideas for New Year’s writing exercises:

  • Write your New Year’s Resolutions (your goals for the next year) in a creative form (list poetry, rap, prose, as a story, ect.)
  • It is almost midnight, but this year something different happens….Write a creative story where something unexpected happens exactly at midnight
  • Recount your New Year’s Eve adventures backwards, start from the morning on January 1st and move your way back to December 31st
  • What was your most memorable New Year’s? Why? Write creative non-fiction about your best New Year’s ever

-Find a drawer or cabinet, preferably of someone you don’t know. Look through and first list the contents. What do these things say about the owner? Can you make up a story about a person that would have these things? Why do you think the person has them? Use the found objects to write a story or poem. Post in the comment section to share with everyone!

– In ten sentences, make a story with this photo. You can post your story as a comment. (Check back weekly for a new writing exercise!)


4 thoughts on “Writing Exercises!

  1. I am panda and I am cool. I am wearing uncomfortable shoes but it makes me feel the coolest guy in the whole world. I am going to my mum to show my new shoes and to tell about my days working in the city centre. Everything started when a desire to make kids happy appeared in my head. I came to the agency and offered a service. First they thought I was crazy. When I showed how I can make kids laugh and feel happy they changed their minds. At the beginning I was excited but the further it went, the more exhausted I became. As it turned out it was hard to make kids happy everyday. Now I want to share my difficulties with my mum.

  2. Another picture story:
    “Mommy…mommy…please? Please mommy? Pretty pretty please! Mommy, mommy, please?”

    “Alright, FINE!”

    “YES! Oh Thank you mommy thank thank you thank you thank you thank you than….”

    “Just…Shhh. Here. Go.”

    The little boy snatched the money from his mother’s hand and sprinted away, to return moments later, panting.

    “Mommy! Mommy! The man says I can’t, I need 30 dollars.”

    “Thirty dollars? What the hell kinda crooks are they?”

    “Mommy, what are ‘hell kinda crooks’? Can I still go?”

    Tears began to well in his eyes and his lips quivered. She glanced around, she knew what would come next.

    “Yes, just go. But that dam panda better drive you home on his motorcycle for that kind of money.”

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